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The typical relaxed, Bohemian style at beach clubs gains more and more popularity. We surely understand why! In our assortment you can find thousands of furniture items and accessories to merge this creative style into your interior. Continue reading and get excited!

Nothing better than to spend a complete day at a beachclub! Nowadays the interior and atmosphere might be the determing factor when picking the destined beachclub for the day. No surprise that the typical relaxed and creative style, that brings us back to those relaxing days, gains more and more popularity. . Since this style is all about mixing and matching of fun items, we guarantee that you’ll have just as much fun during the styling process as from the end result.

Bohemian interior style

A Bohemian interior style can be recognized by it’s relaxed vibe, the mixture of bright and neutral colors and natural materials. The fun thing about this trend is that you can mix and match all sort of styles and items. The more soul an item has to it, the better the match for the relaxed Bohemian style. Use airy natural materials as linen, cotton, ceramics and jute as the basic materials for decorations and (light) wood and stone for the basic furniture items. Want to add some contrasting items to make the total look a bit more interesting? Use chunky knitted plaids and blankets, accessories with beading details and shiny metal objects as eye catchers.

If there’s one interior style that loves color, it’s the Ibiza-themed interior style. Especially warm colors as orange and red-tones work will with this style, but if you want to go ‘all out’ color wise, don’t let anyone hold you back! When it comes to prints Aztec and dreamy floral and botanical patterns are perfect. Want to add a touch of glamour to your interior? Copper, gold and silver are all great fits for this style and form a chique opponent to the natural materials and colors.

See? We even get excited just from thinking about the endless, fun styling possibilities wihtin this Bohemian interior trend. Are you just as enthuastic about ths style? Find the perfect items to create the Bohemian style in your home, restaurant or club in our showroom.

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