Chinese lacquer cabinets

Vloženo 1 března 2024 v 12:21 a Inspirace

Colorful, full of gorgeous details and one-of-a-kind; our antique Chinese lacquer cabinets come in several sizes and versions and deserve a place of honor in your interior!

Walking through the Chinese lacquer cabinet area of our showroom always brings us new and positive energy. The vibrant colors, beautiful finishes and details not only make for a pretty picture, but also for a whole lot of interior inspiration.

Colorful lacquer cabinets

Our collection contains various models of lacquer cabinets; from large wardrobe closets to dressers, cupboards and even night stands. All of our lacquer cabinets are handmade and restored in China. Here the antique closets get a colorful paint coat and they receive the most beautiful cabinet fittings. Some of the closets are made even more beautiful by the addition of hand painted decorations and adornments.

We really can’t choose between the beautiful Chinese lacquer cabinets of our assortment. We would love to collect them in every available color and version. These antique closets definitely deserve a second life! Which one deserves a place of honor in your interior?

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