Decorative pillows made out of recycled grain sacks

Vloženo 28 září 2023 v 09:00 a Inspirace

We love to add sustainable items to our collection! Our grain sack pillows are the perfect example of a successful and modern recycling idea! Find these, and other interesting interior accessories at our showroom.

As a company we definitely feel the responsibility to take our share in social responsibility. The more we love the fact that we’re able to add re-used items to our collection, or use recycled materials for the production of our goods. A great example for this are our decorative pillows made out of recycled grain sacks. Such a cool and sustainable way of forming new consumables. Not to mention how on-trend and great the outcome of this combination is. Curious about all our re-used items? Visit our showroom and our sales team will be happy to show you our interesting collection!


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