Industrial interior

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Let's take a moment to appreciate the toughest interior trend out there: industrial. Robust materials as leather, steel and wood in cool colors as black, brown, cognac and grey. Find out more about this trend now!

We’d like to put a spotlight on one of our favorite interior styles: industrial. Bold, outspoken materials as leather, wood and steel and classic colors as black, brown and chestnut are the main ingredients for this tough interior style. It might started off as a trend, but it gained so much popularity that the industrial style found its way to our hearts and is here to stay! Let bold materials as steel, iron, weathered wood and leather bring a (tough) soul to your interior. What are your thoughts on this sophisticated, but robust interior style?

Leather industrial furniture

One of the most important materials within the industrial trend is leather. As a solid foundation, we recommend to start off with a leather couch in black, brown or cognac. Add a leather comfy arm chair and ottoman and your industrial sitting area is ready. Moving on to the dining area. No industrial interior is complete without a robust dining table including a set of leather dining chairs. Go for classic leather dining chairs with an armrest, or modern industrial dining chairs with a steel frame.

Wooden and steel industrial furniture

Besides leather another great material when it comes to an industrial interior is wood. Preferably the robust, rough kind. Again the key here is to choose robust, large furniture items. Go for a rustic and large wooden dining table with metal table legs or a steel frame. The same goes for the living room area. Choose a robust wooden coffee table, with or without elements of black steel. Another great wooden furniture item within an industrial interior is a wooden dresser or metal display cabinet.

Industrial accessories

No interior is complete without some matching home accessories to your furniture. For your industrial home, we’d advise you to go with some larger and tough accessories made out of wood or steel. Stick to darker color tones such as black, grey, brown, cognac or dark green and keep it all as matte and natural as possible. Some rustic wooden bowls, black pots and vases or black stone or metal decorations will do the trick.

Is the industrial interior trend something for your taste? Check out the various matching furniture items and home accessories within our collection to create your own industrial home.

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