Side tables and coffee tables

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With our side - and coffee tables of you complete the look of your living room, or the seating area of your restaurant, store or hotel. Mix and match the different models of our collection; from round to square and from wood to metal to create the perfect look.

Side – and coffee tables are nowadays the way to give your interior a style update, or the way to create another look and feel in your interior. Don’t want to take too much risk in your interior, but still want to make a statement? Coffee tables and side tables in the (new) style you want to process in your interior, are the perfect way to create a new look and feel. Our collection of coffee – and side tables consist of various, low and small tables, varied in shape and material.

Wooden coffee tables and side tables

Our wooden side tables and coffee tables come in different dimensions and shapes. From larger, low round coffee tables to higher square side tables. They’re made out of qualitative wood and teak. Our teak coffee tables and side tables are all nature products, which means that they can vary in color and finish. The steel frames of the coffee tables give them a tough, industrial look. If you’re looking for industrial coffee tables or side tables, you should definitely pay a visit to our showroom. Here you’ll find multiple and various wooden industrial coffee tables and side tables. Mix and match them to form the perfect setting for your interior.

Metal coffee tables and side tables

Besides wooden coffee tables, our collection also contains metal side tables and coffee tables with a luxurious finish. From modern golden side tables and marble coffee tables to copper side tables with a mixed finish. Our metal and steel side tables also come in different dimensions and shapes, from a pretty square marble and gold side table to a low round copper coffee table. Combine the different side tables to create a fun, stylish overall look.

Pay a visit to our showroom to view our total collection of side – and coffee tables and get inspired by the stylish settings!

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