Side tables

Vloženo 24 února 2024 v 14:47 a Inspirace

We can't get enough of side tables! Luckily this translates back to our assortment that consists of side tables in diverse shapes and sizes. From wooden to metal tables and from round to square ones. Shop them all at Gert Snel Interiors!

No furniture item that’s as diverse as a side table. Of course they can be used as an (extra) table, but they’re also super suitable as a decorative item or to display table lamps, plants or other decorations on. Besides that they can easily be combined with other furniture.

Changing the side tables in your interior can lead to a complete new total look. Mix side tables in different styles, shapes or dimensions together and create a perfect look for your interior. Our wooden side tables, available in round and square versions, are perfect for creating a classic look. Looking for a modern interior update? Try to pair some of our black side tables with our gold or marble side tables. Guaranteed a chic, yet modern look!

In our showroom you find a wide and varied collection of side tables. There’s plenty of choice in material, size and shapes, so we’re positive you’re going to walk out with a couple of new additions to your side table collection! Good luck choosing!

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