Textile chic

Vloženo 18 dubna 2024 v 09:14 a Inspirace

Rugs, plaids and decorative pillows. Our collection is filled with beautiful home textiles that will provide a stylish finishing touch and an extra (warm) layer to the look and feel of your collection, interior or styling project.

It’s the season in which we seek some extra warmth. The addition of home textiles can literally and figuratively provide this. Besides that decorative pillows, plaids and carpets have proven to be indispensable taste makers. In our showroom you can find a wide selection of carpets, throw pillows and plaids, so you have plenty of options to add warmth to your collection, styling project or interior in the spirit of the season! No time or opportunity to visit our showroom? No worries, you can also shop our home textiles at our b2b webshop!

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