Unique outdoor benches

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Our outdoor benches are one of a kind, made out of qualitative (teak) wood and unparalleled in style. From cheerful color combinations to elegenat woodcarving. All our garden benches contain the most beautiful details to make an impression. Pick your favorite from the outdoor area at our showroom, or shop your favorite online at our webshop.

Creating the perfect ambiance for your home, or the interior of your boutique, restaurant, beach club or hotel doesn’t just concern the interior indoors. Creating the perfect look and feel starts with the entrance of your establishment and ends with the finishing styling touches of your terrace, garden or other outdoor area. Our wooden garden benches are the perfect tool to underline the atmosphere of your in – and exterior.

Teak outdoor benches

We source our unique teak benches mostly from Indonesia and India. Here they are handmade and they contain the most beautiful organic shapes and woodcarving details. Create a worldly, natural look with one of our teak garden benches. A teak wooden bench with a dark washing creates a more classic look, while a teak bench with a light, natural finish creates a more modern and natural look. Check out our total collection of teak garden benches at our showroom, and pick your favorite.

Colorful garden benches

Want to instantly attract (new) visitors to your store or restaurant? Let our colorful wooden benches do the thrick! These unique outdoor benches, come in the most beautiful colors. The decorative details such as painted tiles and elegant woodcarving make the garden benches real eye catchers. Choose your favorite from the several available colors to create an entrance that matches the look and feel of your entire interior.

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