White wash and light wood closets

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Ready to add a natural and light touch to your interior? Our closets made out of light wood and untreated wood are ready to show you their natural beauty! Find them all in our showroom.

With no alterations or with just a small touch-up, these wooden closets show that they don’t need any extra’s to look their absolute best. Our varied collection of white wash and light wooden closets show that natural wood is anything but plain. With their light looks these wooden closets will look gorgeous in a Bohemian or Scandinavian interior. Visit our showroom to meet these natural beauties in person.

Closets from untreated wood

Why alternate something that already looks stunning? Our closets made of untreated wood are the perfect example of how beautiful natural materials can be. Closets from natural wood have an authentic and natural look. Gorgeous details as the wood grain, the natural color of the wood and a matt, rough finish determine the natural look of these closets. The untreated wooden closets will look gorgeous in a dreamy Bohemian interior or match the natural wooden closets with industrial home accessories and furniture to create an authentic industrial look.

Light wooden closet

In line with untreated wooden furniture we have some gorgeous light wooden closets available in our collection. These cabinets made out of light colored wood bring a light and quiet base to your interior. Together with gorgeous wood carvings, rounded shapes and cabinet fittings our cabinets made out of light wood are definitely a sophisticated addition to your interior.

White wash closets

Last, but not least, our collection also contains white wash cabinets. This special paint treatment brings a subtle white paint coat to wood. The subtle paint finish gives the wood a mottled effect and gives a Bohemian and vintage look to wood. With our white wash furniture you create a vintage, but modern look in your interior.

Curious about all our untreated and light wooden cabinets? Visit our showroom to view them all!

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