Wooden, stone and iron decorations

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Our collection consists of many unique decorations with interesting background stories. Curious about our collection and the stories behind them? Check out our accessories collection!

Our decorations really add character and soul to your interior. From one-of-a-kind and antique pieces to trendy accessories; our collection has it all. What most of our decorations and accessories have in common is that they all share interesting background stories. Our buyers source the decorations at the most inspiring places in the world. Especially since they’re hadmade, there’s a lot to tell about the heritage and background of our decorative items. Curious about these stories? Our sales team can’t wait to share them with you!

Wooden decorations

We continue to be impressed by the quality of the handcraft our wooden decorations contain. Our buyers visit China, India and Indonesia a couple of times a year to bring back the most beautiful handcrafted decorations. It’s amazing to see the art works people can make from ‘just’ a piece of wood. By carving the wood into beautiful statues and objects and finish them with paint in vivid colors, they create real pieces of art. Check out our collection to find our wooden decorations, from animal figures to pilars and abstract wooden decorations. There’s always a wooden accessory in stock that matches your taste.

Stone decorations

Besides wooden accessories, our collection also contains stone decorations. Again the making of ceramic and stone accessories consist of a lot of fine manual labor. Rock are being chiselled and they transform into rock hard pieces of art. Our most beloved stone decorations are our stone elephants and Buddha’s. Also our stone discs, in various editions, decorate many interiors.

Ceramic pots and vases

Another important part of our assortment is our ceramics collection. Our ceramic pots and vases are timeless and always right. They were made and shaped by hand and turned into the most beautiful organic shapes. But pottery isn’t the only hand labor activity that comes with ceramics. Some of our pots and vases also receive handpainted drawings. They’re available in several colors, shapes and dimensions, so they’re is always one available that fits your style.

Iron decorations

Looking for decorations with a more robust and cool look? Our iron decorations, such as wall decorations, statues and barrels are the perfect way to add a stylish touch to your industrial interior. The used look and robust shapes are characteristic for these type of decorations. Come visit our showroom to check out all available iron, metal and steel decorations.

Find all our decorative items and accessories in our showroom to find a fine selection of all our decorations.

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