Root wood and fire bowls

Vloženo 7 června 2023 v 10:48 a Inspirace

Our fire bowls and root wood furniture are the ingredients to recreate the cosiness of a campfire in your own outdoor area. Our assortment contains various (outdoor) furniture items and rustic fire bowls in several dimensions, so there's plenty to work with!

If you’re looking for surprising and tasteful ways to give your garden, terrace, porch or patio a make-over, we’re here to help! With our root wood furniture you’re not choosing an ordinary garden set, but you’re bringing a real taste maker to your outdoor area. Our rustic fire bowls are the perfect finishing touch to create a cozy, warm setting. Add some bright throw pillows, warm plaids, wind lights and plants to make your make-over complete!

Root wood furniture.

There’s something about root wood that keeps us intriged every time. The beautiful round shapes, that follow the natural shape of wood, the rustic natural finishes and the modern end result. The perfect collaboration of nature and contemporary design. Since we’re such big fans of this material, our collection contains a lot of root wood items. From complete lounge sets to artsy root wood screens, stools, side tables and decorative objects.

Iron fire bowls

We said it before and we will say it again; our iron fire bowls are the perfect rustic additions to your favorite outdoor area’s. The rough material, together with the robust design, make for a no-nonense tough look. Our fire bowls come in several dimensions, from impressive extra large ones to smaller once that are turned into barbecues. We can’t wait to start a campfire and gather around our fire pits!

Bring a visit to the outdoor area at our showroom, to behold our various fire bowls and endless assortment of root wood items for yourself.

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